April 4

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
Dale Hawerchuk
Inducted HHOF 2001.
Played 16 NHL seasons
from 1981 to 1997.
NHL Totals 1188 518 891 1409 730

Selected in first round number one overall by Winnipeg Jets in the 1981 NHL Entry Draft.

Hawerchuk was a joy to watch. He was an excellent though not smooth skater, deceptively fast and blessed with great lateral agility. He had the rare ability to handle the puck and create plays even at top speed. A tremendous one on one player, Hawerchuk learned not to over handle the puck and became a great playmaker as well as a goal scorer, particularly on the power play.
Injuries forced Dale Hawerchuk to retire earlier than anyone wanted him to. His high scoring days were behind him but he was still a joy to watch.

Received these blue ink signatures TTM in the 80’s. This was when I went to the library, looked in  the phone book and got his address. Wrote to him and got reply. Envelope is still somewhere around.

When I was scanning the cards, somehow I missed this one. Added.


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