May 21–Five hole

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Shutout for the fifth time this month to bring you a todays birthday. So I am going to update you on my volunteer job at the 2011 Mastercard Memorial Cup. After two days, Saint John and Owen Sound are each 1 and 0 with Missisauga and Kootenay 0 and 1.

So I have worked the last two days there, tomorrow and next Saturday and Sunday at the championship game.

Button from the tournament.

My pass to get in and around but does not grant unlimited access.

My volunteer handbook which does state:

No asking for autographs or taking photographs of participants, VIP’s, media or patrons.

I guess I should play by the rules so I don’t get booted out. What would you do? I heard there were a lot of NHL scouts there for last nights game. They also had some members of the last St. Mikes team to win the Memorial Cup ( 50 years ago)

So the last two days, I was door host/security at the back of the arena. This is where the teams come in to get dressed for practice. My job is just making sure no one that is unauthorized gets access to this area. Every player walks by, wish I could get team autographed photo for all four teams. Talk to the coaches, Dave Cameron and James Boyd (St. Mikes), Mark Reeds (Owen Sound), Jerry Bancks and Todd Johnson (Kootenay) and Saint John (Yvon Vautour). Talk to the bus drivers, Owen Sounds driver is Mike Fisher but not Mr. Carrie Underwood).

Owen Sound Attack center Roman Berdnikov.
The Owen Sound people were getting the accreditation for his father and they left him waiting by the door. I talked to the father Sergei for a bit. Pretty interesting. (Roman scored two goals tonight in his teams 5-0 victory).
Lots more stuff to tell and some scans of other things in a blog to be posted later. Makes for a long day as it is about a 2 1/2 hr round trip  for me and work a 5 hour shift.
But as “Badger” Bob Johnson says: Its a great day for hockey” Thems good words.

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