Aug 19–81/82 OPC pack rip

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
Contest Alert (not mine) over at Cheap Card Collecting.

14 players share today as their birthday but nary an autographed item found in the man cave for any of them. So, for a change , a pack rip–81/82 OPC hockey.  This pack may contain great rookies and star cards. Is that like a bag of peanuts with the warning “This product may contain nuts. Possible rookies include Savard, Kurri, Moog, Ciccarelli, Anderson and Coffey($80). Star cards that book for $40 or more include Gretzky and Bourque. Pack includes 14 cards and the mandatory piece of gum. Since I haven’t figured out (or tried to) how to do a video (like Sal at ) it’ll just be show and tell time.

First the crinkly wrapper (Ted-moremonkeys138)

The slab of unchewed pinkish stuff.

Front of special offer card
Back of special offer card (I guess its the front if you read en francais) where the gum was stuck.

I’m ready to send in $10.00 includes postage and handling for a set ( heck, why not $20.00 for two sets )
Now for the goodies.
The Wax Stain Veteran (sorry Dave H)
The other card where the gum was attached (stain on front). This was put in the freezer to get the gum to release its hold on Pat.
The rest of the pack

What, you say. That’s only 13 cards. Where’s the other one?
Its the HIT
Literally card number one.

Ray Bourque
 (Rhymes with pork)
Pretty good shape. The usual rough cut edge and off centre. I’ll take it though. Not too bad. Now I want to rip some more. Another day, another twenty dollars.

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