Aug 21–1999/2000 Topps Stadium Club hockey

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Sixteen players and three days in a row with nothing to show.  Time for pack rip of

1999/2000 Topps Stadium Club hockey
4 cards per pack. Feels pretty thick. Action photo on front with head and shoulders shot on back little write up and a 1998/99 Statistical Breakdown.I can’t remember if this is a retail or hobby pack.
Approximate odds per pack of finding: Chrome refractor 1:4, Chrome Parallel Refractor 1:8, *Sequentially Numbered 1st Day Issue 1:32, Lone Star Signatures: Group 1 1:2513, Group 2 1:838, group 3 1:3350 Group 4 1:628 Overall Lone Star Signature 1:287 (See box bottom for list of players within each group), Capture the action 1:19, OnyxExtreme 1:23, Onyx Extreme Die-Cuts 1:115, Goalie Cam 1:37, Eyes of the game 1:23, Eyes of the Game Refractor 1:115
You’d think with the number of inserts, it would be easy to get something, but, then again, this in only one pack of four cards. Let’s see how I did.
Foil wrapper.

One of the reasons it felt thick was the inclusion of this paper check list.

Card # 66 Patrick Roy Front and back
May 28, 2003 press conference to announce his retirement.
 Card # 86 Scott Young
Retired after the 05/06 saeaon.

Card # 186 Oleg Saprykin
Playing in Russia since the end of the 06/07 season.

Stadium Club Chrome Refractor #18 Mike Modano
Played last season with Detroit.
The only differences are the “chrome” background , the Stadium Club chrome logo and the crossed hockey sticks.
I don’t remember price on this but its probably less now. Well, that was fun. More goodness to come.

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