Oct 11–20 Players

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

20 Players

Is the well running dry? Whenever I hit a day where I don’t have any birthday autographs to share, I think I might be running out. Looking back at my collection, there’s not much after 1990. In the era of junk wax and a proliferation of cards to get signed, that’s when I took a break. Nothing wrong with that as the
autographs I received were from players from the Original Six era. Not having any idea of autograph etiquette, I’d routinely send anywhere from 1 to 20 cards. Can you imagine sending 20 cards today and getting them all back signed?
Started selling some of my stuff on Kijiji. Met some nice collectors and made some money. Nice combination. zzzzzzzzzzz
Its a good thing that eating turkey makes you sleepy is a myth. I just finished off our Thanksgiving turkey. I don’t know then why I’m so tired.





Yeah I mean hockey.

Saturday, Oct 15 ACC at 19:00 on CBC                           

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