Nov 10, 11,12 and 13

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Nov 10
Larry Hornung
I know I promised Larry Hornung but this is another card that I can’t find. Replaced by
Don Saleski
He was known in the NHL as “Big Bird” thanks to the popularity of Sesame Street
Selected by Philadelphia Flyers round 6 #64 overall 1969 NHL Amateur Draft
Don Saleski, Trustee with Professional Receivables Network
Received these blue ink signed cards TTM

 Return envelope

Nov 11
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen hockey player photo
Brian Cullen was the oldest of three brothers who played hockey in the NHL. Brian Cullen and his younger brother, Barry, played together with the Maple Leafs for four years between 1955 and 1959 before Brian moved on to New York to play with the Rangers and Barry headed west to suit up for the Detroit Red Wings. Younger brother Ray did not begin playing in the NHL until 1965.
I don’t know if he can still be reached at Brian Cullen Motors but its the same address I used in 1984.

Received this blue ink signed card TTM.

Return envelope postmarked 1984.

Nov 12
Mark Hunter
Selected by Montreal Canadiens round 1 #7 overall 1981 NHL Entry Draft.
The youngest of four brothers, Mark Hunter was often considered to have been the most talented sibling when it came to playing hockey.

Received these blue ink signed cards IP at one of t he Gretzky tennis tourneys.

Nov, 13
Trying to do this from memory, thought I had Mark Fitzpatrick as I knew I did not have any of the other 17 players.
Pack rip time.
1988/89 Esso AllStar Collection
Put out by Esso gas, you got a pack with a fill up. There was an album with 5 “stickers” already in place and you had to collect the remaining 48 for a complete set. My father knew someone who ran an Esso and at the end of the promotion, I got the remaining packs. ( must have been around 50 packs). As it is an all-star set, there would be as expected all-stars galore. Lets see what we have.

Besides the header card with the NHL and Esso logos, we have six cards. Full bleed colour photo with facsimile autograph, name and team logo.

Backs have the checklist. Quite a list of all-stars from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. As noted on the back, you had to moisten the surface to stick in the album. Haven’t done that yet with any of the sets (how many?). The price was right and not a common. Somewhere I also acquired this in an uncut sheet form of 3 sheets x 16 cards (4 rows of 4)=48
Slowly but surely I’m catching up. The hard part is pulling the cards and then putting them away again. Also trying to remember if I had an envelope saved. The memory ain’t what it used to be. Except I do remember when the Leafs won the Cup. Go Leafs Go

NaBlo Wrimo Daily Count: 474 words

NaBlo Wrimo Monthly Count: 3675

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