Jan 1–Happy New Years and Dave Hunter

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Happy New Years to everyone.  Somehow, I have just celebrated the anniversary of this blog started in December 2010. I’ve had fun doing it and showing off some of my hockey “treasures”.  With encouragement from Sal at http://puckjunk.blogspot.com/, I started this blog and now have just over 300 posts and 8100 pageviews. I’ve met a lot of great people and have traded and sold some stuff. I’ve won some contests with great prizes. I love being part of the community and just staying in touch with what’s happening. This year I’m going to try and tidy my posts up as some of them were getting sloppy. This resolution is better than the “I’m going on a diet” one and one I can probably stick to.
So, to continue on with my “Which player is celebrating a birthday and do I have an autographed item”, today is brought to you by
Dave Hunter
Selected by Montreal Canadiens round 1 #17 overall 1978 NHL Amateur Draft.
Dave was the first of three Hunter brothers to make it to the NHL, followed soon thereafter by Dale and Mark.
By 1978-79, Hunter was set to turn pro but opted to join the Edmonton Oilers of the WHA, feeling he would have a better chance at cracking their lineup as a 20-year-old rookie. He played 72 games with the Oilers that year, scoring 32 points. With the folding of the WHA at the end of the season, Edmonton and three other clubs were absorbed into the NHL, and Hunter continued playing for the Oilers.
Dave – in typical Hunter fashion, was a mean, extremely physical and effective player along the boards, wearing down the opposition with tenacious forechecking and physical contact.
Dave probably had the least offensive talents in the family but Dave ended up with three Stanley Cup rings compared to Mark’s one and Dale’s none.

Received this blue ink signed card IP at the NHL SloPitch tourney in Niagara Falls. They had a “Have breakfast with the Stars” event which I attended. Basically, it was a buffet and whichever players came to the dining area were fair game. I got quite a few Oilers, mostly from the 84/85 OPC set.

Years Teams GP G A TP PIM
1979-1989 Edmonton, Pitt., Winnipeg 746 133 190 323 918

Years Teams GP G A TP PIM
1980-1989 Edmonton 105 16 24 40 211


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