Jan 11–Dave Burrows

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Dave Burrows
He spent two seasons in the service of the St. Catharines Blackhawks of the OHA before turning pro with the Dallas Blackhawks and the Portland Buckeroos in 1969-70. He remained in the minors until the Pittsburgh Penguins picked him up in the Intra-League Draft of 1971.
Most people will agree that Bobby Orr is the best defenseman ever. But how about the best pure defensive defenseman? While there are a lot of candidates, one of them would have to be the heavily underrated and under appreciated Dave Burrows.
Burrows wasn’t a physically dominating, crease clearing blueliner. Instead he relied on a greater understanding of the game to be in perfect position no matter what scenario he was faced with. He was an expert shot blocker and above all else, was known as one of the best skaters of his time. He amazed many observers with his incredible speed and agility. Some felt he could skate faster backward than most could go forward.
Burrows retired from the National Hockey League in 1981. He scored just 29 goals in 724 games, but was one of the best in the league at his role.
Burrows was inducted into the Pittsburgh Penguins Hall of Fame in 1996.

Received these blue ink signed cards TTM

Also included this blue ink signed postcard.

Business card and return envelope postmarked 1987.

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