March 22

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
  I started my little “What autographed item do I have for someone celebrating their birthday? I didn’t know how successful I would be but here is the final tally for the year.
289/366 or 79%.

Some people try to collect autographs of 500 goal scorers or HOF’ers. I never intended to have this collection but I think I’ll try to finish it off. Only 77 to go.

Dave H over at

was wondering about my unpleasant autograph experience with Mr.Orr. This was back around 5 years ago.

In partnership with Hockey Canada, the Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey program was developed for parents, minor league players and coaches that’s designed to help today’s hockey enthusiasts develop a positive attitude towards healthy competition, co-operative teamwork, fair play and grace under pressure.
Three of hockey’s greatest ambassadors – Bobby Orr, Mike Bossy and Cassie Campbell are the faces of the program. There would be  a contest where 100 kids would be chosen to participate. I had read where it was taking place and brought some items to be autographed.
See my Jan 22 post on my Bossy experience. (4 cards signed) Got Cassie on two cards. Since I didn’t have any cards of Bobby I wanted signed, I brought a pair of game used Bobby Orr Rally shoulder pads. (game used—-by me). They were to start at 1:00. He started coming out of the dressing room at 12:59. “Sorry, can’t sign. Gotta be on the ice.” Even though he was signing as he came out for one of the newspapers sportswriters, his son and his son’s friend. I was the only one still there and  that’s what I got. The only time I get to “meet” him and that was the result. Bossy signed, Campbell was good looking and I’ve already forgotten the other fellows name.

On a happier note (for a Leaf fan anyway)

Bell Centre memorabilia owner charged with fraud
Hello Harold.

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