Team Canada–part 3

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
Here is part 3 of the Team Canada card set

# 17 Don Awrey
View my July 18th post to see my autographs of Don.

# 18 Mickey Redmond
His brother Dick used to work in the summers where my Dad worked.

# 19 Alexander Gusev
Member of the Russian Hockey Hall of Fame (1973),

# 20 Alexander Maltsev
According to, Maltsev was Alexander Ovechkin‘s childhood idol.

# 21 Rod Seiling
Will have to post my autographs of him in the future.

# 22 Dale Tallon
There was an agreement that all three Canadian teams were to be represented with at least 2 players on Team Canada 1972. Without that agreement it is likely that Tallon would have been on the roster.

# 23 Coming Back

Game 2 Third Period  1:19 PPG and GWG

Cournoyer (Park)

# 24 Unforgettable
Game 2 Third Period 6:47 SHG and insurance goal

 Game 2 was played on Sept 4/72 at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.

 Sinden takes  the Rangers GAG (goal a game) line of Vic Hadfield, Jean Ratelle and Rod Gilbert out of the line-up for this game. They were replaced with grinders (Wayne Cashman, J.P Parise and Bill Goldsworthy). Hadfield does not take this decision lightly and invades Sinden’s dressing room to show his disapproval. Also, Tony Esposito replaces Dryden in net.

After the game, a frustrated Vsevolod Bobrov (card # 10) invades the officials dressing room, angrily complaining about the officiating and Canada’s play.
American officials Frank Larsen and Steve Dowling, who officiated all the games in Canada, particularly upset Russian coach Bobrov in this game. Bobrov accused the officials of letting the Canadians get away with too much illegal physical play. Wayne Cashman, inserted into the lineup for this particular game, was the culprit who should have been cracked down upon in Bobrov’s estimation. Andrei Starovoitov, head of the Soviet Hockey program, screamed “The American referees let the Canadian players perform like a bunch of barbarians!”

Let the gamesmanship continue.

Stay tuned, 6 games to go.


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